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Ready for the crowds

Ready for the crowds

Car Show

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LDenginepaintedA lot has happened that did not get posted.
Here is the Paddywagon after a visit to Loaded Dice Automotive in Frisco







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Back center panelingFront to back view of installed insulation.back to front view of installed insulation.Paul cutting the trim.Dad measuring the insulation.Dad measuring the back.

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I did some work on the Paddy Wagon myself, but quickly learned I did not have the tools and ability to complete the project. I had bought a pipe bender to create the C cab look. I used square tubing but the dye I had was for round tubing and it caused a kink on the edge. I did get a good form for the cab based on the pattern that my wife Chuan made for me.

I found North Texas Customs through a friend of mine and turned it over to them. Here are some pictures bringing up to date on the project.

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Engine Closup

Engine Closup

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We found a 1917 Truck Cab to use for the base of the C Cab. This provides real size body parts to use when adding fabricated body parts.

The cardboard cutout shows what will be fabricated.

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